Latest Updates:

* Admission started for LKG 2019-2020  * CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS OF AISSCE 2018 & AISSE 2018  * Registration started for UKG - IX   * Classes started for std XI 2018-19 

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 Impart excellent education suited to live in the global village, Bring about an all-round development of the child, giving due weightage to all in born potentialities in him/her. Inculcate ideal values and virtues in children and enable them to have noble social thinking and ways of life. Promote character formation and humanitarian outlook. Develop a feeling of love, co-operation, independence, self-reliance and commitment to the poor and the needy. Equip the child at par with his commitments to the society. Prepare the child for his future duties by careful cultivation of his mind, heart and body. Achieve intellectual, moral, social and professional enlightenment by giving special emphasis to virtues of truthfulness, honesty, politeness, industry, simplicity and self discipline.