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* Admission started for LKG 2019-2020  * CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS OF AISSCE 2018 & AISSE 2018  * Registration started for UKG - IX   * Classes started for std XI 2018-19 

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 SWACHHATA AWARENESS  MESSAGE - Cleanliness is important in our life as well as for the nation . It is well known that Mahatma Gandhi personally took effort to achieve the change that he wanted to see.Role of teachers and students is very important to create awareness on cleanliness. In the present scenario the role of social media is important to create awareness among the people and incultcate a feeling of nationality among them.in the present scenario the role of scoail media is important to create awarness among the people and inculate a feeling od nationality among them. Cleanliness is not only the duty of 'safaai Karmchar' or local goverment but its the need of hour that all the people actively participate to make the nation clean to fulfill the dream of Mahatma Gandhi for the protection of environement and protection of our future.